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I am co-leading an Engineers Without Borders trip to Cameroon for two weeks! Follow our team updates here!

Clean Water for Mbokop

Hello family, friends, and other curious onlookers! It’s now less than a week before our intrepid group of engineers and public health professionals departs for the Mbokop community in Cameroon. For those just tuning in, this trip will be a follow-up of our very successful first trip to the community in March 2013.

This time around, EWB team members Lisa, Lauren, Rachel, Gavin, Brennen, Victor, and Rahul, along with HEDECS, our in-country partner NGO, will be continuing where we left off last time with public health surveys and assessment of the current water infrastructure in the community. Additionally they’ll be conducting topographic surveys for a new water distribution system and visiting schools to introduce health and hygiene education materials.

We (Stephanie and Ben) will be keeping family and friends updated daily on the status of our travelers through email, Facebook, Twitter, and of course this blog. Some posts…

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